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Dec 04

I hinted here, back in July, that at the start of next year we would be graced with the arrival of a new Disney Princess! For more than 70 years, most little girls have grown up with dreams of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in their heads…but never before has there been a little girl princess. […]

Sofia The First
Jul 02

When it comes to the nature versus nurture debate, there is one thing that is 100 per cent ‘nature’ with girls…and that’s their obsession with princesses. Where does it come from? The whole princess and fairytale thing really fascinates me, particularly since it reinforces all of those female stereotypes that we probably don’t encourage as […]

Jan 14

“Mummy, I’ve been waiting for ages and ages. It’s SO BORING!” In our household, the cheeky Peppa Pig has recently had a lot to answer for. Without any exaggeration, I’d attribute 75 per cent of Little I’s post-Christmas cheekiness and general answering back to our friend Peppa Pig. Don’t get me wrong, I think Peppa […]

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