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pile of books
Apr 20

This week I have had a small identity crisis. It’s a bit of a cliché – you become a Mum and suddenly you see yourself being plonked at the bottom of the pile. Slowly but surely your identity gets chipped away at, until one day you realise that you don’t really have one anymore. I’m […]

Winter Wonderland photo
Dec 13

Sometimes, life with a toddler just doesn’t go to plan. From time to time, I really need to remind myself that my daughter is only 2.5 years, and that she doesn’t yet grasp the concept of ‘making an effort’ when special activities have been planned for her. Over the past week we have had two […]

Charlie and Amy
Dec 01

This guest post is authored by my friend Amy Blackham, who I met at my antenatal classes in Bournemouth. Her son Charlie arrived two days before my daughter… At 30 months our little boy, Charlie, is a fully fledged toddler with all the attributes you’d expect. He’s a walking, talking bundle of fun in awe […]

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