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Pre-school blocks
Mar 08

Earlier this week we confirmed Little I’s start date for pre-school. Her birthday falls in May and so her free early education place will begin on 1 September, but since she doesn’t yet go to any nursery, my husband and I have decided that it would be good for her to begin two mornings a […]

Shouting why mummy
Feb 17

“Why has Grandad got no hair?”; “Why do girls sit down on the toilet and boys stand up?”; “Why do I have to go in my car seat?”; “Why haven’t we got any snow?” Maybe I should have read up on when children begin asking “why?” as it’s completely taken me by surprise. It’s almost […]

fireman sam final
Feb 03

This guest post is authored by Laura Jenner, who is an old friend of mine and a former work colleague. She is a digital media professional by day, and mum to three-year-old twin boys for the other 24 hours of the day. It’s become a common sight – parent hunched over smartphone screen while their […]

Phonics puzzle
Jan 26

This week I visited the Toy Fair 2012 within the Grand Hall at Olympia, which is the only dedicated toy, game and hobby exhibition in the UK. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun! I have come away with a wealth of product news and toy trends to share with you over coming […]

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