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eczema in a baby
Feb 19

This guest post is written by an old school friend of mine, Stacey Callow. At little man’s eight week check, the doctor noticed that his skin was looking a bit dry so he sent us home with some bath lotion to try. Having tried varying amounts (as recommended on the bottle), it seemed to only […]

poorly child
Feb 19

This is a sponsored post. The flu is unpleasant for everyone who catches it, but for the young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, it can mean much more than a few missed days of work or school. This year has seen one of the most intense strains yet, meaning that families should […]

witch eye
Nov 12

When you have a new baby, you’re sent home from hospital with a stack of leaflets and booklets to read on everything from exercising your pelvic floor, to breastfeeding advice, to what temperature your baby’s room should be at night. I diligently read through most of these and there was one that really stuck in […]

Little I on beach_final
Feb 28

I was inspired to write this post after reading a similar one by a fellow Mummy blogger, Mummy OM. At the moment, I am the centre of Little I’s world. But I can already see her growing in independence, and I know that one day I am going to have to let go and allow […]

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