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pregnancy bump
May 07

A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was a reason why I hadn’t been blogging so much recently. I was cautious about saying anything too soon, but now that I’ve passed the half-way mark I can let you in on my secret…I’m pregnant! Yes, Little I is soon to become a big sister, to […]

mummy cuddle
Jan 07

Our Christmas this year didn’t quite go to plan. My husband came down with full-blown flu on Christmas day and retreated to bed for a whole week. Our plans to visit family were totally scuppered. It really wasn’t the Christmas that we’d planned for Little I, and it was a bit of a disappointment all […]

Ben eardefenders
Dec 09

This post is authored by Katie Pass, who contributed a guest post last December which sparked much debate and interest. Last year, following a diagnosis of high functioning autism for my son, I wrote a blog post describing how we would be celebrating Christmas. I wasn’t expecting anyone apart from family and friends to read […]

Jul 17

Are you contemplating adding a monthly iPad contract to your bills list? We recently faced the same question. As mums in today’s busy world, we have systems in place for keeping our lives organised, from electronic calendars to chalkboards with scribbled notes hanging up in the kitchen. But what if all of your systems could […]

messy home
Jun 21

A friend of mine recently suggested that I should delve into the subject of how difficult it is to keep a home clean and tidy when you have young children to look after. Before you read any further, I should disclaim that this post does not offer any solution to this perennial problem that I […]

working from home
Apr 22

This guest post is authored by my good friend Jane Wakefield, who is a technology reporter for BBC News Online. It is a cliché but life as a mum really is a balancing act – between work and time with the kids, between chores and time with the kids, between your own social life and, […]

pile of books
Apr 20

This week I have had a small identity crisis. It’s a bit of a cliché – you become a Mum and suddenly you see yourself being plonked at the bottom of the pile. Slowly but surely your identity gets chipped away at, until one day you realise that you don’t really have one anymore. I’m […]

Ben on truck
Nov 28

This guest post is authored by my friend Katie Pass, whose five-year-old son has recently been diagnosed with high functioning autism. “Christmas will be low-key in our house. We will have no tree, no decorations or fancy lights, no Santa visits or busy shops and not even wrapping paper! Even the simplest of these things […]

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