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Chocolate cupcakes
May 06

As our humungous Easter egg stash begins to dwindle, finally…it seems like the perfect time to consider whether we have the willpower to go sugar-free for a month, or maybe more! If this is a topic that interests you, you may like to check out my guest post, ‘Should my family go sugar-free?‘, on parenting […]

cocoa_beans final
Feb 24

I have a wonderful quick, easy recipe to share with you for some delicious chocolate treats, which you won’t feel guilty about eating. What’s more, they make a nutritious snack for your little one, and they are great fun to make together. Yesterday I made a batch of them for Little I and her friend […]

Nov 09

Guest post by fitness expert Jango Alptekin Following this week’s review of my Boot Camp in Bournemouth, I have been asked to contribute some really targeted advice for new mums on how to shift that baby weight, in a quick but realistic way. So, firstly… How soon should you exercise after giving birth? If you […]

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