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Dec 05

Almost four million children in Britain, which equates to one in three, do not own a book, according to a new survey published today by The National Literacy Trust charity. The sobering study shows that the state of children’s book ownership, and associated time spent reading, is in sharp decline. By comparison back in 2005, […]

The Smelly Book Company
Nov 17

As a child I loved scratch ‘n sniff things. They were usually pleasant girly fragrances such as strawberry shortcake, roses, freshly baked bread, etc. I’m not sure if smells such as a stinky pond, smelly old shoes, garlic and farts would have appealed quite so much…and so the conservative me wonders if The Smelly Book […]

The Man Who Planted Trees
Nov 15

Finding a book that’s of as much relevance to a parent as to a child is a rare and special find. Authors who can write successfully for such a vast age range are few and far between. The Man Who Planted Trees (or L’homme qui plantait des arbres’) by French author Jean Giono is a […]

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