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Britmums badge
Jun 26

Spending two days with 500+ mummy bloggers (and a handful of very brave Dads!) at BritMums Live! has been an incredibly thought-provoking, inspiring, uplifting, escapist, tiring and slightly confusing experience. My mind is overflowing with so many ideas, dilemmas and resolutions that I think it will be a good few days before I digest everything […]

children reading
Dec 05

Almost four million children in Britain, which equates to one in three, do not own a book, according to a new survey published today by The National Literacy Trust charity. The sobering study shows that the state of children’s book ownership, and associated time spent reading, is in sharp decline. By comparison back in 2005, […]

Jack Image
Oct 12

Last night I spent a couple of hours engrossed in the newly launched book ‘Jack Draws Anything’, kindly offered to me by Hodder Children’s Books for review. I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. I can truly say that the heart-warming account of six year-old Jack Henderson and his astonishing fundraising efforts for […]

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