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fathers day
Apr 12

For once in my life I’m being organised, and thinking about Father’s Day already. This year it falls on Sunday 17 June in the UK.

To mark the occasion, I’m running a competition here on the blog, and the lucky winner will receive a pair of handmade, bespoke cufflinks, containing their chosen family photo.

The cufflinks are being kindly donated by Brighton-based jewellery designer Ring Jewellery, who is a specialist in gold, platinum and titanium rings.

The competition is open to all readers, not just Dads.

There are two ways in which you can enter the competition, and to increase your chances of winning, you are able to do both!

The first way of entering is to ask your child to help you complete this sentence: “I love my Daddy, because…” Please quote their answer as verbatim as possible. Your child doesn’t have to be W. B. Yeats. Obviously very young children may need their Mummy to help a little! I asked Little I in order to sanity check the question, and she replied: “I love my Daddy because he is lovely.” Not very original, but sincere and genuine!

Please write your child’s completed sentence in the comments section below this post.

A further option is to upload the photo that you would like to go inside your cufflinks, within the comments section below. To do this, click inside the comment box and you should see ‘+image’ which allows you to upload an image from your computer or phone. I’ll be looking for an extremely cute family photo, which can either be you with your children, or just your children on their own. It doesn’t need to be a professionally shot photo.

I will be hand-picking the winner, based on what I feel is the best entry.

Please be sure to enter your name and contact details via Rafflecopter, so that I can easily contact the winner.

The competition will run until Sunday 29 April 2012, and the winner will be announced on Monday 30 April and notified by email. Good luck!

Featured image courtesy of Richard Barry Photography.

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Wendy McAuliffe

Social media & online PR consultant and trainer, and ex-journalist. Founder and Director of Populate Digital and Mum of two. Living by the sea in Bournemouth. @wendymcauliffe.

  • Tracy Nixon

    Unfortunately I am a single mum and my children’s dad has no contact.  My parent live very close and my children look to my dad (their only grand-dad) as their ‘male father-figure’)  I asked them to tell me why they love grand-dad and here were their replies:

    I love my grand-dad because he is teaching me how to play golf! (eldest son aged 8)I love my grand-dad because he takes me in his boat. (youngest son aged 7)
    I love my grand-dad because he plays ooops a daisy! (eldest daughter aged 6)
    I love my grand-dad because he is funny! (youngest daughter aged 4)

  • Sarah Lambert

    I asked my children what do they love about their dad/daddy here is their replies-
    my daughters reply-I love my dad Because he is nice and caring,He always helps me when i get stuck with something
    My sons reply- I love my daddy because when im a big boy im going to be just like daddy because he is good at football and he is big and strong
    :) x

  • emmacella

    My dad is special because when I’m sad he cheers me up.

  • emmacella

    my photo

  • Helen

    I asked my daughter why she loved her Daddy whilst we were driving back to see him tonight.  She replied:
    “I love Daddy ‘cos he loves me.  He kisses me all up!  I love painting with him on Daddy Day and love playing hide and seek.”  I told her that was lovely then she said, “Yes but I do really love Baby Annabelle too Mummy!” 

    I then asked my son who has just turned 2 and he said, “Daddy!!” 

  • Pixiejoy72

    welll. My Rosie is only 13 1/2 months old, but she can say a lot of words, and understands more. We teach her sign language to help communicate even though she isn’t deaf. I signed I loved her earlier, and she signed it back. She pointed to her daddy and did the same. I said “why do you love daddy?” and she did the sign for milk and the sign for snuggle while saying “aaaahhhh” with her head on the side – her way of saying “cute” (the sound we make when something is nice – like awww)
    so I can only presume it’s because he gives her milk and snuggles. It doesn’t seem to matter I breast fed her for 7 months…typical.

  • nikki reynolds

    My 4 year old says that she loves her daddy because he makes her giggle and gives the best tickles! 

    They are like 2 peas im a pod a real daddies girl :D

  • nikki reynolds

    This is the photo I would choose for the cufflinks! Daddies little princess, my beautiful lexi!

  • Pixiejoy72

    this is the photo I would like please. Tis my Rosie xx

  • Kelly Hockings

    My 6yr old daughter  said she loves her daddy because he left the army for them and because he lets her sit in the front of the car and always takes her to see her nanny!

  • Kelly Hockings

    picture upload x

  • Rachael Jones Mann

    my 4 1/2 year old connor has verbal dyspraxia so answering this question isnt easy for him but after a little probing the answer is , “I love daddy because he bought my mario wii ” …… now “mario wii” is actually the name of his pet giant african land snail so i think thats what he means as mario is his best friend lol !

  • Clare

    our little boy said 
    I love my Daddy, because hes fun and has a big bum!! haha he also said he love daddy as daddy is the bestest daddy EVER and gives the best cuddles!

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    i asked my 3 teenagers this question – i am divorced from their dad but they see wahc other all the time, more than when he lived with us really lol
    my 17 year old daughter says – hes my dad! hes the best
    my 15 year old son – he plays footie with us and hes funny
    my 14 year old son – hes great, hes my dad and i love him

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    my children at xmas 

  • Madmae

    I asked my 8 yr old why he loved his daddy and he said…’because he lets me help him in the garden planting’ and I asked my 18 month old and he said ‘dog’ which is his favourite word

  • Zoe Mse Powell

    I asked my son (who is almost 6) why he loves his daddy….his reply was..

    I love my daddy lots as he is my best friend…also because he taught me how to play football like Wayne Rooney so all my mates think im cool :) He then added i also love daddy as he buys me chocolate when you say not too (few words to be had with daddy tonight lol) 

    He then said but dont worry mum i love you too, aww how sweet!

  • Karen Lancaster

    My 3 year old answered – I love my Daddy because he’s my best friend and likes watch TV with me!


  • Karen Lancaster

    Daddy’s little girls

  • Linda Young

    want to win these for my partner – he collects cufflinks – very rarely gets the chance to wear them now – our

  • Kerry Brown17

    my son doesn’t very often see his dad as he lives up north, but he is still his dad and to win these would be nice for him. Harvey last saw his dad at the end of February to the beginning of March and i asked him why do you love daddy? his reply was “because he is jack and we play trains” <3 how sweet :)

  • Kerry Brown17

    Harvey at 3months old, our favourite picture x

  • kelly-ann murray

    i asked my 2 sons and they said they love their daddy because he takes them to the park to play football and they also think he is cool because he is like a big kid himself (he is ) it is like looking after 3 kids sometimes lol. but he is a great dad and we love him x

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