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teddy night lamp
Jul 15

When it comes to putting little ones to bed, breastfeeding is the most wonderful thing mother nature ever invented (at least that’s been my experience). I know the ‘experts’ say you should never feed a baby to sleep, but I did, with both of my children. It always seemed the easiest and most natural way to settle them. When I stopped feeding Little I at around 15 months, she had her comfort blanket to replace me at bedtime. But my son Wolfy has never attached to anything similar and so when I stopped feeding him a few months ago, bedtimes became a bit of a challenge.

We have tried many things, but nothing has seemed to make much of a difference. Most evenings, bedtimes descend into screams for “more cuddles”, and for Mummy to “come back”, coupled with quite a lot of tears.

So when PK Green got in touch asking if we’d like to review one of their mood night lamps, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. A night light was the one thing we hadn’t yet tried, and it was certainly worth a shot! The LED night lamps come in three very sweet designs, but the teddy was my favourite so we plumped for that.

teddy mood lamp

The teddy lamp is battery powered and with a heatless LED, it makes it perfectly safe for a child to take to bed with them. You may think (as I did) that it’s not the sort of thing you’d want to cuddle up with as it’s made from soft plastic, but this hasn’t put off Wolfy, who has fallen asleep snuggling up to it a few times. What I love about this product is the gradual colour changing LED sequence. The colours blend softly from one to another, and give off a soft glow which seems to be just the right amount of light. There is also a white light setting if you prefer.

Wolfy is very proud of his night lamp. I wouldn’t say it’s solved the bedtime problem, but some evenings it has definitely made him happier to get into bed. Baby steps…!





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