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My Carry Potty
Sep 19

We are currently experiencing the joy of potty training…

My Mum bought me a cheap and cheerful potty when my daughter was three days old! No pressure there then. Needless to say that by 27 months we have failed both of our Mums’ expectations (who had me and Andy out of nappies by our first birthdays), and the heat is now on to get Little I into knickers.

On our very first trip out of the house in knickers (that’s Little I, not me!) I felt a little unprepared for this rather scary outing, so we stopped off at our lovely local toy shop, Little People, to pick up a travel potty. In the shop window sat a brightly coloured item clearly branded ‘My Carry Potty’. Little I’s eyes were instantly drawn to it – compared with your usual collapsible travel potty, this one will win hands down if the toddler has a choice, which this one did!

Double the price of other travel potties on offer, My Carry Potty doesn’t come cheap at around £25. But considering it is bag-less, the long-term cost probably works out the same.

The My Carry Potty has a unique design – it is fitted with a rubber seal and clip shut lid that provides a completely leak and odour-proof container. So if you happen to be in a location where there’s no suitable place to dispose of a potty’s contents, this is a nice and hygienic way of dealing with things. I’m a little OCD when it comes to toilet hygiene, and I’ve never fancied the idea of carrying around a dirty potty with me inside a plastic bag.

The other benefit of My Carry Potty is that it is assembly-free and ready-to-go, and shuts to a decent size which easily slots in the luggage rack of our MacLaren buggy.

The one design criticism I have is that when open to use, the potty seat is fairly low down, but it only took my daughter one attempt to realise how to squat to use it.

Other local friends of mine have also bought the My Carry Potty, and all feedback has been very positive.

If you can justify the price tag, it’s a purchase that I’d recommend.



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