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two change bags
Jun 25

I’m a bag and shoes girl. Mainly because at 5 ft 1, I’m such a tricky size to buy clothes for (and don’t even mention petite maternity wear!), that shoes and bags are the only two things I can purchase with success.

When I found out I was pregnant with Little I, my changing bag was the purchase I was most excited about. I spent hours researching and scouring the internet for the perfect one. One of the best things about changing bags is the multitude of pockets and zips and inserts they contain. It takes me back to my school days when I’d look for the rucksack with the most compartments to organise my life perfectly within.

Since Little I was born, changing bags have come a long way. They’ve become the yummy Mummy fashion statement, and woe betide any Dad who dares to say “I wouldn’t be seen dead out with that!”

But since my husband is very involved in childcare, I do try to consider him a little. So with this pregnancy I’ve been on the lookout for a changing bag that wasn’t too ‘Mummy’, but which still had all of the nice features and the versatility to use for other things too. I also fancied having something a bit different so that it’s easy to spot at a busy baby group.

In my search I came across the lovely Spanish brand Pasito a Pasito, which is sold by Babyologie, a gorgeous new e-tailer which stocks emerging baby brands from around the world. So if you’re looking for something a bit unique and luxury, this is definitely the site to visit.

suede change bag

The Pasito a Pasito bag comes in dark grey or camel, which makes it nice and Father friendly. It contains 13 pockets, including two main internal compartments, so there really is a space for everything. The outer fabric is suede, and the inner is cotton. It really is beautifully made and an investment that will last well beyond your nappy-changing days.

suede changing bag

Inside is a matching, fold-out changing mat, and the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to fit over the pram. It’s such a cleverly disguised changing bag that I’m tempted to begin using it now, as it’s just the right size to use as a day bag for myself and Little I. Retailing at £77.95, it’s a little pricier than some, but you’re buying a piece of Spanish style!

I also took a look at the new JJ Cole collection, which includes a new satchel bag which comes in two patterned fabrics, Stone Arbor and Aspen Arbor, neither of which are too girly. Again, I was drawn to the versatility of this bag. Not only is it a lovely, roomy changing bag, but I could equally pop my laptop in it for a business meeting in London. It would also make a good overnight bag.

JJ Cole changing bag

The JJ Cole bag is a fair bit larger than the Pasito a Pasito, and would be well suited to a Mummy with two young children in tow. It has four outer compartments, two zip outer pockets, an insulated bottle pocket and elasticised inner pockets for organising all those essential items. It also comes with a coordinating changing mat, buggy grips and an optional shoulder strap. It’s probably the more practical of the two, as the exterior is wipe clean and probably less likely to stain than the suede.

JJ Cole changing bag

Retailing at £69.99, it’s within a similar price bracket to the Pasito a Pasito bag, but doesn’t feel quite as luxury.

I’m already thinking about what items to pop inside them. Once you have a changing bag ready, the arrival of baby suddenly seems more real!

Do you have a changing bag that you love and would like to recommend? If so, please share your suggestions below.

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent both of the bags shown but all words and opinions are of course my own.

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