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A-Z duvet cover set
Oct 04

Sarah Watts founded Two Little Boys in 2002, after giving birth to three children in one year! Ouch!

She was kind enough to send us a single ‘A-Z duvet cover’ set for review, along with an adorable matching bedtime story book.

The duvet cover and pillowcase are 100% cotton which for me is important in children’s bedding, particularly as Little I likes to bury herself under her duvet and often emerges very sweaty in the morning! I was really impressed with the quality of the cotton in comparison to the Mothercare bedding sets that we purchased for the codbed a while back and haven’t been very impressed with – they didn’t come cheap and the fabric hasn’t washed well at all.

The duvet cover is edged in classic ladder stitch with the 26 letters of the alphabet embroidered on one side of the cover, in vibrant primary colours. It’s the sort of design that will fit in with any decor and always look nice and fresh, as well as ticking the ‘educational’ box. I often think that if you have a nice white, crisp duvet cover on the bed, it makes the room look clean despite the mess of toys on the floor!

The original price of the duvet cover set was £40, but it is currently reduced to £10 which seems like such a bargain – the fabric alone is worth more than that. I’m thinking of snapping up a spare for the wash!

The accompanying hardback bedtime story book is authored by founder Sarah Watts, and there is a sweet story for each letter of the alphabet. Each story has a beautiful illustration, but the font is quite small and dense which is a little off-putting for a two year-old. I’ve read a few of the stories myself and they are very readable with a touch of adult humour for the parent, but I think we may need to put the book away for a year or so until Little I is a touch older.

The Two Little Boys website offers an eclectic and original mix of goodies at affordable prices, with a strong eco theme running through a lot of their products. The name of the site I find a little misleading as the product range seems suitable for boys and girls, with some lovely gift ideas for parents too. I particularly like the look of ‘Something to keep you happy’ and ‘The Birthday Yearbook’ is something that I have been searching high and low for but not seen anywhere else – what a perfect gift to give your child on their 18th birthday. I think I am going to have to save up my pennies for this!

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  • Sean

    Thanks for the review Wendy. I ordered two sets. Sean.

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