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I love to write, and I hope that comes across in my blog.

I’m a professionally trained journalist, and an experienced PR and social media consultant. After securing a BA Honours in English Language and Literature at Royal Holloway University in 1999, I have followed a career path that has centred wholly around the creation of content, primarily for the online space, be it for news outlets, publishing houses, brands or businesses.

I have been actively blogging since early 2006, under a variety of guises. I’ve found I can turn my hand to most subject matter, which over the years has included technology, business, digital media, parenting, education, the environment, music and literature. You can read more about my work-related experience on my company website.

If you are looking for some help with content production, I am available for all sorts of writing work including blogging, white papers, e-books, features and copywriting. I also offer a range of consultancy services via my company Populate Digital.

Please note that my Mummy McAuliffe blog is entirely separate and independent to my professional work.

Wendy McAuliffe presents short films for Philips Lighting’s Facebook community >

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