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Feb 19

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The flu is unpleasant for everyone who catches it, but for the young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, it can mean much more than a few missed days of work or school. This year has seen one of the most intense strains yet, meaning that families should be extra vigilant against spreading germs. To protect yourself, your partner and your little one from getting a nasty case of the flu this year, make sure to engage all of these top tips to keep the flu at bay.

Sleep well. Getting a good night’s rest isn’t just pleasant for you; it’s essential for your body to strengthen its natural defenses against cold and flu germs. And if you start to feel under the weather, extra daytime naps can help get you back on track to a flu-free lifestyle quicker than if you opt to suffer through it.

Keep hands clean. This is always amongst the top tips for avoiding the flu. Remember to wash your hands frequently, especially before and after you eat. This means rubbing vigorously with soap and water for at least thirty seconds – no quick washes! A tried and true tip is to sing the Happy Birthday song in your head as you wash – this works especially well for kids. And you may want to keep a small bottle of sanitiser on hand for when you can’t make it to the restroom to soap up.

Sanitise common contact areas. What if it’s not enough to wash your hands regularly? You should also take care to sanitise common contact areas such as doorknobs, computer keyboards and the bathroom and kitchen taps to stop germs in their tracks. In addition, using a top vacuum cleaner to get rid of airborne allergens helps to avoid any onsets that make it easier for you to catch the flu.

Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose. These are the main entry points for the germs responsible for making you feverish, tired and sore. You may not find this to be such a chore, but little ones do, so keep an eye on them when you can. And if you or a family member does develop a cough or sniffle, remind them to cough into their elbows and sneeze into a tissue to help impede the transmission of germs to the rest of the gang.

Give your immune system a much-needed boost. Many people opt to get flu shots. Whether your family does or not, there are additional ways to give your immune system the protection that it needs during the high season for microbes. Basic remedies such as eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, drinking water and exercising regularly will make sure that your defenses are in top shape, no matter what time of year it is. Also, you may want to add a supplement regimen for the entire family to increase your body’s vitamin C and calcium levels. Just slide a couple of tablets into lunch boxes to make sure everyone is taking them.

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