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Aug 24

I’m sure every pregnant woman gets excited to pack her hospital bag. After all it’s a sign that you’re nearing the finishing line, and getting ready to meet the baby you’ve felt growing and wriggling inside you for the past nine months.

I packed my hospital bag a week or so ago, but it’s certainly grown in size over the last few days. I’ve noticed that Little I has been adding quite a few things to it; items which she thinks will be useful for me or the new baby while we are in hospital. The most thoughtful addition has been her comfort blanket, which of her own accord, she’s decided to give up and pass onto her little brother. She’s also embroidered a napkin for me so that I don’t spill hospital food down my new pyjamas!


There have been several items of clothing added too – clearly Little I already wants a say in how her brother is dressed. My Mum has knitted some gorgeous jumpers and hats, and I’ve noticed Little I’s favourites have sneakily made their way into the bag too. I love how involved she is in the whole process, and how interested she is in everything. Something tells me she’s going to make a wonderful big sister.

This time round I’m electing for a c-section and so I don’t need to pack labour items. But since it’s likely I’ll be in for two to three days, I’ve had to think carefully about what I’ll need for after the birth. It helps that this is my second baby and so I can remember what was useful, what I didn’t need and what I wished I’d packed. I thought you might like a nose inside my hospital bag, to see whether you agree with my choices. If there’s anything you think I’ve missed, please say!

Last time I packed one big bag for everything, but this time I’ve opted for a bag for me and a bag for baby. I thought this might be easier for my husband as he’ll probably need to be more hands-on in the first 24 hours than he needed to be last time. So the choice of bags was an important starting point!

For me, I’ve gone for the practical but stylish Mia Tui Amelie bag, which makes a perfect hospital bag and is a tardis inside, with multiple pockets and inserts to help keep everything organised.

Mia Tui Amelie

For baby, I’ve chosen a gorgeous Bramley tote from Pink Lining, in a green dragonfly design. Again it has lots of space for three day’s worth of baby clothing and nappies.

Baby bag

Here are some of the notable things I’ve popped inside each of the bags (excluding the obvious!)…

* A pretty nursing nightgown, which I managed to snap up in the sales with 60% off. Last time I didn’t get one of these and I wished I had. Hopefully it will make those early days of breastfeeding more comfortable in front of visitors. I also opted for a nightgown as I thought it would be more practical after a c-section.

* Sachets of Spatone Apple – this is a naturally-occurring iron-rich mineral water, which is highly absorbable and perfect for boosting your iron levels after birth. Crucially, it’s very gentle on the stomach and won’t cause constipation, which is often associated with conventional iron supplements. The Apple range is great as it has added vitamin C, and can be drunk straight from the sachet without the need to mix it with fruit juice. Spatone really helped to get me back on my feet after having Little I, so this time I’ll begin taking it on day one.

hospital bag contents

* Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm – a great little find which soothes sore nipples, and doesn’t contain any nasties. Their New Baby Hamper contains some lovely further essentials, such as their Nappy Cream baby balm, which protects those soft little bums from dampness and nappy rash, particularly after those lovely meconium nappies!

* Cartons of orange juice and healthy snack bars – these are the things that I wished I’d packed last time round. I seemed to crave gallons of orange juice in my boiling hot hospital room, and wish I’d come better prepared. I also lost my appetite completely and couldn’t face a proper meal, but instead preferred to munch on some healthy snacks such as yummy Chia bia bars.

* A Konjac Sponge – perfect for after a c-section, these sponges are naturally pH balanced and made with nothing but 100% Konjac plant root. You simply immerse the sponge in water and there’s no need for additional cleansers or soaps. It’s incredibly soft and gentle and can even be used babies.

* Love Boo body smoother – a luxurious all over body cream which I’ve been using throughout pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks, and which will be lovely to use on that post baby belly!

* A breastfeeding reminder bracelet by Mama Jewels, to help me remember which side I should be feeding from next. With Little I I used a hairband, but this owl bracelet is so much prettier!

breastfeeding bracelet

* NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK, which you simply apply thinly around the baby’s nostrils (and your own!), to help protect them from airborne germs when they leave the hospital.

* A good book, in case we’re last in line for the c-section. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually be able to read though. I’m sure my mind will be occupied with other things…

Disclaimer: Some of these items I was very kindly sent for review, but all words and opinions are of course my own. Many items featured I purchased myself.


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