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May 07

A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was a reason why I hadn’t been blogging so much recently. I was cautious about saying anything too soon, but now that I’ve passed the half-way mark I can let you in on my secret…I’m pregnant! Yes, Little I is soon to become a big sister, to a baby whom she is determined to call ‘Wolfy’! In fact, that may have to stick as the baby’s blog pseudonym!

I found out I was pregnant just a couple of days after Christmas, when my husband was laid up in bed with flu. I’ve been dying to share my good news with you but didn’t want to tempt fate, having been through one miscarriage before I had Little I. When you’ve experienced something like that it definitely makes you more nervous about the viability of future pregnancies. It’s a very common feeling I’m sure.

It’s true what midwives say about every pregnancy being different. With Little I I was very lucky and had a lovely and easy, uncomplicated pregnancy. I barely suffered with any morning sickness, and setting aside the usual aches and pains, I loved being pregnant and woke up each day full of excitement and gratitude. This time round it’s been very different. I had constant nausea for the first four months, extreme tiredness, daily headaches and sciatica. Running around after a three-year-old I found very difficult! For all these reasons I found myself feeling a bit low, and didn’t have the glow of excitement that I had with Little I. I felt terribly guilty for feeling this way, but I’ve come to realise that pregnancy hormones have an awful lot to answer for!

Thankfully I’m now feeling (and hopefully looking) much more normal. I’ve been feeling baby moving around for several weeks now which is always very reassuring and bonding, and I’m getting incredibly excited about the impending arrival. Little I is overjoyed about becoming a big sister and is taking the responsibility of it very seriously (almost too seriously). She’s already told me that if the baby wakes during the night, there’s no need for me to get out of bed…she will deal with it! Likewise she’s informed me that she doesn’t need me to accompany her to baby groups – she’s fine to take the baby on her own. She’s even been out to buy a special dress to meet the baby in for the first time, which happens to be a Monsoon bridesmaid dress, so she’ll certainly be the best dressed person in Poole Hospital’s maternity unit!

This weekend we had fun getting all of Little I’s newborn clothes out of the loft, and sorting through them. I can’t believe how dinky she was. It’s funny to look back at the tiny newborn sleepsuits and remember how much they swamped her at first!

So now that I’m feeling a bit more myself I hope to be able to return to the blogging, as it’s certainly something that I want to keep up. I see this as some way of recording my thoughts and feelings on parenthood for Little I, and so it would only be fair to try and do the same for Wolfy!

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  • Sarah Deeley Porter

    Absolutely over the moon for you, darling! Wonderful news! I hope you start to feel a bit more human again soon!

    I am sending lots of love and hugs! xoxo

    • wendymcauliffe

      Thanks so much Sarah. That really means a lot. Looking forward to seeing you all soon x

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