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May 07

I’m not a typical woman when it comes to something like clothes shopping. While I like to try and look nice, I find I have to sum up renewed confidence and optimism between my infrequent clothes shopping expeditions. The reason being that I so often return home empty-handed, having been unable to find anything that fits. They say the best things come in small packages but it definitely isn’t true when it comes to fashion. At 5 ft 1” (that one inch is very important!), there’s so little nice stuff available in my size. Thank goodness for my local seamstress.

So when I found myself with an hour to spare in our local town centre, I very tentatively suggested to Little I that we looked in a few clothes shops. It’s not something that I attempt with her very often, particularly without a bag full of snacks; but with summer approaching I’m aware that my wardrobe could do with a little updating, particularly since I have finally got back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I was expecting some resistance, forgetting for a second how clothes-obsessed my daughter is. She definitely doesn’t get it from me! “Come on, Mummy” she said, enthusiastically, as we walked into House of Fraser.

Little I walked straight up to a Mango concession, picking out a striped vest top and a cardigan for me to try on. She knew exactly what she liked and what she didn’t like…unlike her very indecisive mother! I was also under strict instructions to only look at “pretty things”. “No jeans, Mummy. They are so boring!”

While I tried on a few things, Little I enjoyed striking poses in the mirror, commenting on what she thought looked good on me. Luckily we seemed to share the same opinions.

We came across a lovely range called ‘Yumi’ and the colourful and striking prints appealed to me and Little I alike. Together we chose this gorgeous cardigan. We both instantly loved the bird print on it and the red rose-bud buttons. Sometimes I feel that unless you have an awful lot of money to spend, there is very little on the high street for my sort of age (um…23…cough!). But I’ve already worn this cardigan a couple of times to a work meeting and a party, and on both occasions people have complimented me on it.

With a renewed sense of confidence we made our way to the shoe department. Once again Little I proved to be my shopping lucky charm, and I found just the pair of moccasins that I had in mind.

I was so proud of the way that Little I had behaved, and of my successful purchases, that I decided we both deserved a treat. So we indulged in some authentic Italian ice cream before heading home.

I seem to have overcome my fear of clothes shopping.  But next time I’m in need of new clothes, I’m definitely taking Little I with me. While I am sure boys are wonderful, there are moments when I realise how very grateful I am to have a girl!




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