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Mother's Day
Mar 15

Just in case you were wondering how much a Mummy is worth, here it is broken down for you…

To quote the Mastercard advert, I personally feel us Mums are “priceless”. How can you put a figure on what is, after all, the most important job in the world?

After receiving the below infographic from, I asked Little I how much she thought I was worth. Her reply: “£1″! I then asked her if she knew what I did for her. She replied: “kisses, cuddles, playing, colouring-in, working and cooking”. That’s good enough for me!

How much do your kids think you are worth? Have you ever tried to tot up how much you are worth as a Mum, or do you think that’s missing the point?

Dads don’t forget…Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

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