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Aug 21

Oh it’s ‘orrible being in love when you’re 3 ¼!

I’ve suspected for some time, and yesterday had it confirmed, that Little I has her first real crush!

She’s fallen head over heels for the very sweet lad next door, who happens to be seven years her senior.

Yesterday evening he almost decapitated my husband when his Diabolo came flying over the fence at high speed and narrowly missed his head. He was sent around to apologise, and so of course Little I rushed to my side when she realised who was at the door. I think she must have been gazing into his eyes the entire time as when I shut the door the following conversation took place…

Little I: “He smiled at me two times, Mummy.”

Me: “What do you think that means?”

Little I: “I think it means…[meaningful pause]…he loves me”!

She was beaming from cheek to cheek. She really has it bad!

At bedtime we always ask Little I what she is going to dream about. Generally the answer is always “Tinkerbell” or “Rapunzel”, but last night was different. She rather bashfully told us that she would be dreaming about Master D.

She’s sworn us to secrecy. We are under strict orders to not breathe a word to Master D.

When did young love begin so soon?!

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  • Lizzy

    I believe I was about 6! I had it bad for a boy called Andrew in my class at school, and I believe it may have been reciprocated, as he gave me a heart shaped eraser (which may have started a rather vast collection which spanned a good few years of my childhood!!).  E hasn’t talked about any special boy in her life yet, except Daddy who has to play prince charming to her sleeping beauty, and on some occasions, we have had to explain that I’m already married to Daddy!!

    • wendymcauliffe

      I think I may have been almost as young as Izzy – I know I was in preschool. Do you still have the heart shaped rubber?!

  • Hpeacock_30

    I think it is just lovely!  And what a great example you and Andy must be showing her for her to understand how someone shows love to another person at such a young age!
    Emma is currently switching between planning to marry Alfie or Daddy.  It has been Daddy for sometime and they even have special plastic rings they keep in special places ready for the big day.  She is currently a little concerned that they only make wedding dresses in white (cos all the ones in the shop near nursery are all white mummy) and she wants a blue one.  She is quite happy for me to marry Daddy too and I can go first ‘cos I’m bigger’.   When Daddy’s told her off though it’s, “I’m not going to marry you now, I’m marrying Alfie!”
    I’m sure some people would think that’s wrong and we should tell her she can’t marry her Daddy but I’m sure when she’s actually able to follow her decision through she will probably not even want to be talking to her Dad let alone marrying him so what’s the harm in letting her love him in this way now?

    • wendymcauliffe

      It’s certainly had us all giggling! I should have added that I approve
      of my daughter’s taste – he is an incredibly sweet lad and is so good
      with her, I don’t blame her for developing a crush! That’s so cute about
      the special rings. Shows there’s a very special bond between Emma and
      her Daddy. I’m sure this will be something that she’s reminded of in the
      ‘father of the bride’ speech!

  • Sarah Porter

    LOL!!!!! Gwennie is exactly the same way… she had a crush in preschool and now has a new one at Kindergarten. His name? Alejandro!!!! Cue her singing the Lady Gaga song at every opportunity! She asked him to marry her today….. apparently he was rendered speechless!

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