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Britmums live
Jun 08

In a couple of week’s time I will be attending my first mummy blogger conference, BritMums Live! It is taking place in London and the schedule looks utterly amazing, with keynotes from people such as Ruby Wax and Cherry Healey. I hope to learn a lot, be inspired and ultimately meet some of the great mummy bloggers who I love to read, and be introduced to new ones.

It’s a wee bit daunting, going along to an event of 500+ attendees where I won’t really know anyone. Luckily, it seems most are in the same boat, and Carly from Stepford Wifey has sensibly organised this virtual ‘Meet and Greet’, as a way for attendees to connect with other bloggers prior to the event itself.

So here goes my introduction…

Hi *waves* I’m Wendy and here is my meet and greet:

Name: Wendy McAuliffe


Twitter ID: @wendymcauliffe

Height: 5ft 1 (the 1” is so important, making me the same height as Kylie!)

Hair: Long dark brown and curly

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Reading, making my own cappuccinos, baking cupcakes, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, collecting books that I will one day find the time to read, boot camp on Bournemouth beach (don’t worry, it’s not a scary military one!), walks in the New Forest, ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘One Born Every Minute’, sunbathing, writing, Thai curries, cafe culture, Green & Blacks chocolate and Mojitos.

Dislikes: Having my best friends scattered all over the world, being asked for ID in supermarkets, aggressive drivers, internet and technology #fails, subtitles on films, never having enough time to read, harsh criticism, my family stealing my tablet PC all of the time, my depleting short-term memory!

Random Fact: I have eaten lasagne with Richard Branson in the Mojave Desert!

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Wendy McAuliffe

Social media & online PR consultant and trainer, and ex-journalist. Founder and Director of Populate Digital and Mum of two. Living by the sea in Bournemouth. @wendymcauliffe.

  • Sarah Deeley Porter

    Sounds fun, Wendy! I can’t wait to hear all about it! 

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