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Oct 12

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I have a very good excuse I promise! On 2 September I gave birth to our gorgeous new son. We’re all doing really well, if a little sleep deprived.

As my regular readers will know, I choose not to use my daughter’s real name on my blog, and the same applies to my son. I’ve decided his blog name will be Wolfy, as that’s the nickname my daughter gave to him throughout my pregnancy. It’s nice to be able to continue it in some way.

They say “one’s an accessory, two’s a lifestyle”…but so far I’m finding number two to be a lot easier, probably because I’m far more confident and relaxed this time round. Wolfy’s such a content little baby that he seems happy enough to fit around Little I’s schedule, which now involves big school!

I have to say the age gap is working out really well for us. While Little I is at school I am able to devote all of my attention to Wolfy, and then when the school bell rings, I do my best to make Little I my priority until her bedtime. I do feel very lucky to be able to cherish these baby moments as I now know how quickly they pass, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy each of my children properly. No doubt there will be many occasions when things don’t go to plan, and I’m sure things will change as Wolfy becomes more mobile and sleeps less!

Little I is proving to be an amazing big sister. She adores her little brother, and likewise, he saves his best smiles for his sister. Just before I had Wolfy, a good friend said to me that when you give birth to your second child, you suddenly find a whole new level of love for your eldest when you see them fulfilling their role as the older sibling. This is definitely true. I am incredibly proud of the ease with which Little I has adapted to the changes in our family, and the readiness with which she’s accepted her new responsibilities. She is the perfect age to understand what’s going on, and to want to be involved.

It’s lovely to be writing again and I hope to resume normal service on the blog as much as possible. Expect a return to baby themes, while I also tackle the new topic of big school and learning! Both are such lovely and exciting stages.

Wolfy is calling so I’d better dash. I’ll be back soon!




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