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Beckley Farm field
Jun 11

Last year we visited Open Farm Sunday for the first time, and we had so much fun that we rocked up again this year and asked some friends to join us.

It’s a fantastic family event, full of activities and educational fun for children of all ages. This time we gave ourselves from 1pm till 4:30pm, but it really wasn’t long enough. Next year we’ll have to remember to get there early and take a picnic! It’s lovely that the event remains free, making it accessible to all. Being given the opportunity to see inside a working farm and meet the people who run it is a rare thing, and lovely for children to have open access to on one day of the year.

Beckley Farm in Christchurch is the nearest farm to us that opens its gates as part of Open Farm Sunday, but there are 365 farms across the country that are involved. Check out the website for details of the farm nearest to you.

Last year Little I was scared of the farm machinery and wouldn’t go near it. This year she couldn’t wait to climb inside.

Combine harvester

There were even vintage tractors to ride (in a Cath Kidston dress of course).

vintage tractor

A rather bumpy tractor trailer ride took us from the agricultural farm to the dairy farm, which I wouldn’t recommend if you’re six months pregnant! I feared I was going to go into early labour, but the kids enjoyed it. When we stepped off the trailer Little I must have seen the expression on my face and said, “that wasn’t very good for your pregnancy bump, was it?”

tractor trailer ride

At the dairy farm we had access to a rather stinky cow shed.

stinky cow shed

Did you know how much a cow eats on an average day? I didn’t.

cow daily diet

Little I even had a go at milking one, until she realised what hard work it was.

milking a cow

Thanks Beckley Farm, we had a lovely afternoon with you again. We’ll be back next year, with our new addition!

If you’re pregnant and thinking of visiting a farm, I found these government guidelines to be a useful reference. Sadly it meant I couldn’t see the baby calves.


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