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fathers day
Apr 12

For once in my life I’m being organised, and thinking about Father’s Day already. This year it falls on Sunday 17 June in the UK. To mark the occasion, I’m running a competition here on the blog, and the lucky winner will receive a pair of handmade, bespoke cufflinks, containing their chosen family photo. The […]

Mar 23

If anyone were to ask me what I miss most since becoming a parent, I’d be able to answer that question without a second’s hesitation. Quite simply it would be relaxing with a good book, ideally in the sun on the beach or by a pool. I still read of course, but not nearly as […]

Tesco Baby newborn wipes final
Feb 05

Is there a baby product that you couldn’t live without? Or maybe a brand that you feel offers far better quality or value for money over other baby brands? I for one could not have managed without wet wipes. What a god send! How my mother ever managed without them, I don’t know. Even though […]

Phonics puzzle
Jan 26

This week I visited the Toy Fair 2012 within the Grand Hall at Olympia, which is the only dedicated toy, game and hobby exhibition in the UK. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun! I have come away with a wealth of product news and toy trends to share with you over coming […]

Diaries image
Dec 20

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 is to be far better at organising my work and family life. Since becoming a Mum, I’ve definitely suffered from a depletion of brain cells, particularly those that help with short-term memory (the pre-frontal lobe I believe!). I used to be the sort of person who never […]

Nov 11

Little I has uncontrollable curly hair. She gets it from me, poor thing. A head of golden curls does look very cute on a two-year-old (we often get stopped by old ladies!) but it is very hard to manage. She frequently wakes up with something similar to dreadlocks. After trying a few of my own […]

A-Z duvet cover set
Oct 04

Sarah Watts founded Two Little Boys in 2002, after giving birth to three children in one year! Ouch! She was kind enough to send us a single ‘A-Z duvet cover’ set for review, along with an adorable matching bedtime story book. The duvet cover and pillowcase are 100% cotton which for me is important in […]

Jimmy's Iced Coffe
Sep 19

The only place I’ve ever enjoyed a proper iced coffee is Corfu. I’m not sure why, but Corfu people really know how to make it – maybe it’s something to do with the climate. Each time I’ve come back to England in search of a taste of holiday, and each time I’ve failed. That’s until […]

My Carry Potty
Sep 19

We are currently experiencing the joy of potty training… My Mum bought me a cheap and cheerful potty when my daughter was three days old! No pressure there then. Needless to say that by 27 months we have failed both of our Mums’ expectations (who had me and Andy out of nappies by our first […]

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