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children reading
Dec 05

Almost four million children in Britain, which equates to one in three, do not own a book, according to a new survey published today by The National Literacy Trust charity. The sobering study shows that the state of children’s book ownership, and associated time spent reading, is in sharp decline. By comparison back in 2005, […]

Pregnancy bump
Oct 31

Every mother-to-be, in England and Wales, will soon be given the right to have her baby by caesarean section on the NHS, even if there is no medical need. Under new guidelines recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), women will be given the right to choose whether they would prefer […]

steve jobs cover
Oct 24

Sitting with Little I on the sofa this weekend, she picked up my latest copy of Time magazine (which is my little luxury in life) and asked “Who’s that man, Mummy?”  She was pointing to the man pictured on the front cover. “That’s Steve Jobs,” I answered. “He was a very important inventor – he […]

Oct 03

4Children, a national charity supporting children, young people and families in communities across Britain, has today published a major report entitled ‘Suffering in Silence’, looking into the experiences of families with postnatal depression. It finds that as many as 35,000 women are suffering in silence with postnatal depression each year. The survey, undertaken by the […]

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