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Chocolate cupcakes
May 06

As our humungous Easter egg stash begins to dwindle, finally…it seems like the perfect time to consider whether we have the willpower to go sugar-free for a month, or maybe more! If this is a topic that interests you, you may like to check out my guest post, ‘Should my family go sugar-free?‘, on parenting […]

eczema in a baby
Feb 19

This guest post is written by an old school friend of mine, Stacey Callow. At little man’s eight week check, the doctor noticed that his skin was looking a bit dry so he sent us home with some bath lotion to try. Having tried varying amounts (as recommended on the bottle), it seemed to only […]

poorly child
Feb 19

This is a sponsored post. The flu is unpleasant for everyone who catches it, but for the young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, it can mean much more than a few missed days of work or school. This year has seen one of the most intense strains yet, meaning that families should […]

Ben eardefenders
Dec 09

This post is authored by Katie Pass, who contributed a guest post last December which sparked much debate and interest. Last year, following a diagnosis of high functioning autism for my son, I wrote a blog post describing how we would be celebrating Christmas. I wasn’t expecting anyone apart from family and friends to read […]

Sep 12

This guest post is written by my friend Gareth Frampton, and is the first in a short series of posts about the realities of  being a stay-at-home Dad. Back in 2009, just a few months short of my daughter’s first birthday, I received some terrible news. I had been selected for redundancy. Some people would […]

Jul 17

Are you contemplating adding a monthly iPad contract to your bills list? We recently faced the same question. As mums in today’s busy world, we have systems in place for keeping our lives organised, from electronic calendars to chalkboards with scribbled notes hanging up in the kitchen. But what if all of your systems could […]

working from home
Apr 22

This guest post is authored by my good friend Jane Wakefield, who is a technology reporter for BBC News Online. It is a cliché but life as a mum really is a balancing act – between work and time with the kids, between chores and time with the kids, between your own social life and, […]

WAAD logo
Apr 01

This post is written by Katie Pass. “Mummy, why are they in a wheelchair?”; “Why does that woman need a dog to see where she is going?“; “Why is that little boy using his hands to talk?”. If you are a parent, grandparent, or someone who has regular contact with a child – at some […]

fireman sam final
Feb 03

This guest post is authored by Laura Jenner, who is an old friend of mine and a former work colleague. She is a digital media professional by day, and mum to three-year-old twin boys for the other 24 hours of the day. It’s become a common sight – parent hunched over smartphone screen while their […]

Charlie and Amy
Dec 01

This guest post is authored by my friend Amy Blackham, who I met at my antenatal classes in Bournemouth. Her son Charlie arrived two days before my daughter… At 30 months our little boy, Charlie, is a fully fledged toddler with all the attributes you’d expect. He’s a walking, talking bundle of fun in awe […]

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