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Potty Training in One Week
Oct 21

Is it possible to potty train your child in one week, under the instruction of Gina Ford? The simple answer is ‘no’ unfortunately…well at least that’s been our experience. If only it were such a black and white process; instead we have found it is a far more gradual learning curve. If you haven’t already, […]

Potty Training_v2
Oct 18

If you were to read all of the books written on potty training, and listen to every expert’s advice, in addition to friends’ and parents’ experiences, you would be one very confused Mummy! There is undoubtedly a case of too much information out there, matched with a huge gap in thinking between the way our […]

Little I
Aug 22

A week or so ago, my two year-old daughter suddenly developed a stammer. It began one morning, completely out of the blue, and so far hasn’t left us. It took us a bit by surprise as she was an early talker and has been conversing with us in proper sentences for quite some time – […]

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