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pink car
Oct 11

They [mess] you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had And add some extra, just for you. (Philip Larkin, This be the Verse) As much as my husband and I try to be ‘normal’, well-adjusted parents, I can already see recurring […]

Oct 08

I haven’t written for my blog for a couple of weeks at least. That’s the longest break I’ve ever had from it I think, in the year that I’ve been writing it. In fact I think I missed its first birthday! One excuse is that I’ve been busy writing for another blog, for a new […]

Sep 03

As a parent I sometimes feel there can be too much focus on helping your child to get things right, or do things the correct way. Sometimes it can be nice to just let them be children. They all get there in the end! All young children get a few words a bit confused or […]

young love
Aug 21

Oh it’s ‘orrible being in love when you’re 3 ¼! I’ve suspected for some time, and yesterday had it confirmed, that Little I has her first real crush! She’s fallen head over heels for the very sweet lad next door, who happens to be seven years her senior. Yesterday evening he almost decapitated my husband […]

hotel room
Aug 03

Sunday evening I stayed in a central London hotel, all by myself. Yes, that’s right…all by myself! I admit that my stay was purely for work reasons. I had an early start the next day and didn’t want to be contending with Olympics travel chaos. But despite the work agenda, the overnight stay turned out […]

Jelly shoes
Jul 15

A big part of me doesn’t want to write this post, but another part of me is coaxing me on, telling me it’s an important event in Little I’s life that I need to document, before the raw memories fade. Maybe I should begin with the biggest lesson we are taking away from this incredibly […]

flower arranging
Jul 10

Tonight I am baking a cake for Little I’s last ever playgroup.  I can’t believe that at the tender age of three, she is already too old for something! For the past week, every time I’ve thought about it, I’ve felt myself welling up. For two years it has been the special activity that we […]

Sofia The First
Jul 02

When it comes to the nature versus nurture debate, there is one thing that is 100 per cent ‘nature’ with girls…and that’s their obsession with princesses. Where does it come from? The whole princess and fairytale thing really fascinates me, particularly since it reinforces all of those female stereotypes that we probably don’t encourage as […]

Britmums badge
Jun 26

Spending two days with 500+ mummy bloggers (and a handful of very brave Dads!) at BritMums Live! has been an incredibly thought-provoking, inspiring, uplifting, escapist, tiring and slightly confusing experience. My mind is overflowing with so many ideas, dilemmas and resolutions that I think it will be a good few days before I digest everything […]

messy home
Jun 21

A friend of mine recently suggested that I should delve into the subject of how difficult it is to keep a home clean and tidy when you have young children to look after. Before you read any further, I should disclaim that this post does not offer any solution to this perennial problem that I […]

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